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Our Data Privacy Policy

We are a company focusing on Digital Privacy & Cyber Security.

We value your and our privacy. Therefore we have build our web pages with privacy in mind. For maximum security we chose not to use SCRIPTS and therefore our web pages do not execute any code in your browser. To maximize your privacy we coded our web pages using HTML and CSS only. For data transmission we enforce encrypted communication, so that third parties (eg. Man in the Middle) can not see what content you are looking at. We do not use any "Cookies" to track your movement on our website. We do not download content from 3rd parties (eg. images, fonts, scripts, etc.) and we do not share or sell collected traffic data on our servers.

We monitor traffic on our web server. All queries to our web pages stays with us, in our hosting facility, where standard server logs are reguraly archived to an offline system. All archived logs are encrypted (and where relevant anonymized). Before archiving web pages traffic logs, we try to extract inteligence which we hope will help us to better communicate with you. Our data log analysis is for the purpose to improve your user experience and to enable a more personalized communication with us.

New standard in digital data Privacy. Our goal is to show that it is possible to have intimite flourishig digital communication where 3rd parties are kept out of the conversation. We promote the use of "open source" tools (eg. Linux) and encourage the sharing of knowledge through "Creative Commons" licensing. We encourage you to use our code, coding techniques and or approach to data privacy. In case you use our code or content then we ask you to publish it in accordance with the "Creative Commons" licence BY-NC-SA.

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Statement updated: November 20th, 2018